Wednesday, November 13, 2019

To Kill A Mockingbird - Boo :: Kill Mockingbird essays

To Kill A Mockingbird - Boo    Early in the story Boo was just the subject of talk and myths but we learn more about him soon after.    Boo is the nickname of Arthur Radley. Early in the book Boo is described as a tall and scary looking person who runs around at night eating live possums and cats. He was sometime known as a phantom because no one knew who he was and he goes out at night and eat cats or any other living animal.    Boo got into trouble with the law when he resisted arrest and was locked up the ancient beadle, Mr Conner, in the court outhouse. Boo and the Cunninghams were the nearest thing to a gang. They were arrested for disturbing the peace, assault and battery. The other boys were sent to the state industrial school, which wasn't known to be a prison and had no disgrace but Boo's father Mr Randle thought it was.    Mr Radley made a deal with the judge that, if the judge released Boo then he would see to it that Boo never cause any further trouble. The judge knew that Mr Radley's word is his bond and was glad to do so.    So Boo was not seen outside his home until fifteen years later his mum ran out of the house screaming that Boo was killing them all because he had stabbed his dad in the leg. After he pulled out the weapon and wiped it on his dad's pants he went back to cutting up the newspapers for his scrapbook.    The next sign of Boo is when he put things in the knothole for Jem and Scout. Jem and Scout didn't know who it was putting the little items for them in the knothole. Boo put rather strange things in the knothole for example a pocket watch, medal and chewing gum but the weirdest was 2 human-like carvings made from soap. Jem and Scout realised that the figures were figures of them. They thought that Boo was watching them. After the finding of the soap figures, Mr Nathan Radley filled the knothole with cement so that Boo couldn't leave any more items for them.

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