Thursday, November 21, 2019

FDA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

FDA - Assignment Example Generally it can be said that the regulation of food safety, drugs, dietary supplement, veterinary food and medicines, cosmetics etc are all the jobs of FDA.1 The process by which it does make these regulations effective is illustrated in the text that follows: FDA ACTIVITY IN THE PAST TWO YEARS The most recent activities of the FDA prove how practically the organization is working for human health and prosperity. Following is a summary of FDA’s activity over the past two years. Seeking of preventive measures against Food Borne illness. (Press Release on 25 May 2011).2 Food Safety Modernization Act revised and more clauses included in it. (Press Release on 4 May 2011). Anti smuggling strategy and draft guidance and be issued for new dietary ingredients. (Press Release 5 July 2011) On 7th July 2011 The FDA approved the following new drugs: Amlodipine Besylate and Benazepril Hydrochloride  Capsules, Coreg, Duloxetine Hydrochloride  , Felbatol  , Kemadrin, Micardis, Vancomy cin Hydrochloride, Xenazine etc. 3   4 The most noticeable act of FDA in the current year is about sunscreen products. 5 WHAT IS FDA’S APPROVAL PROCESS   The process whereby FDA approves a certain drug or ensures the safety of another is done by the conduction of the following steps: â€Å"Pre-Approval focus on strategy† â€Å"Post-Approval Risk Assessment† â€Å"Turning Risk Assessment into Action† THE WAY FDA PROTECT US. ... The food and drug products for vets are checked for the same. Following are a few details highlight even further how FDA protects us: Ensuring Food Safety FDA ensures that the foods that we get to eat are clean in all aspects, properly labeled, fulfilling and full of nutrition. It also regulates that all the medical products and other biological products intended for human use are free from any impurities or harmful substances. Regulation Of Electronic Product Radiation FDA ensures that the emissions of radiation from electronic appliances that are under human use are very limited. Only the electronic devices emitting radiation at very minute levels and that too, under the safe zone are given the permission to be used by humans.6 Tobacco Products FDA serves to protect the general public from getting into the menace of tobacco usage. It serves to promulgate regulations against tobacco usage and highlights how very harmful they are for human health. It also serves to regulate the promo tion of tobacco related products.7 Keeping Us Informed FDA protects us by keeping us informed with the latest and effective scientific information. The information is about the extents of usage of food products, chemicals and drugs that are not harmful for the human

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